MINISO X We Bare Bears Phone Holder Finger Ring Bracket 2 Pack Flexible 360 Degree Rotatable


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MINISO Phone Holder We Bare Bears Finger Ring Bracket 2 Pack Flexible 360 Degree Rotatable Stand Metal Desktop Support

The ring holder can be freely revolved in any angle either horizontal direction 360 or vertical direction 180. It is comfortable to hold with fingers, convenient for you to typing message, watching movies or playing games for a longer time without the fear of dropping it. It also helps a lot when you are taking photos or taking selfie.

Material: PC

Product feature:
1. Small and Lightweight.-The perfect for mobile phones, tablet, laptop and other digital products.
2. Anti-drop.-When you hold in hands, it can prevent the phone from dropping.
3. Adjustable Angle. -When you put it on table, it can serve as a holder and can be adjust its angle freely.
4. New Technology Material.-Which can be repeatedly used after clean it.
5. Portable & Travel-friendly -Small and easy to carry. Space-saving.

1.Keep away from heat.
2.Please clean it if it gets dirty.
3.Only for watching videos and movies. Do not throw or pull it.

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