MINISO X We Bare Bears 10000mAh Power Bank


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SIZE:10.1*16 CM
color card+PVC
Micro and TYPE-C input ports suit the latest phone model. 2.1A output current for speedy charging.
1. When not in use for a long time, charge the power bank at least once every 6 months (when the power bank is full of power and under not bad environment).2. Read the user manual carefully before using. Misuse of the product may lead to unusual phenomenon such as damage, overheating, smoke and fire.3. Keep away from high temperature. Do not put the product into fire or extremely high temperature under strong sunlight.4. Do not throw, smash or rub the product violently, otherwise it may get perforated, cracked, distorted or corroded. And if so, stop using the product immediately.5. Do not disassemble or repair product by yourself.6. Do not throw the product directly into the trash can, please take the product to the local specialized recycling center.
Keep away from fire and humidity. Store in a dry place.