MINISO Facial Mask Vitamin B5


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Commodity material
ABS plastics
How to use
1. After the product is fully charged press switch button to turn it on. Press once to start and it is at low speed. Press twice and it will switch to medium speed. Press three times and it will switch to high speed. Press again to turn off. When charging, the fan can only work at lowest speed. 2. Can be hold in hands or put on the desk. 3. Connect the USB cable to USB port and the LED light will turn on. After the fan is fully charged, the LED light will turn off. 4. When cleaning, rotate the front cover counterclockwise and remove it. You can wash the front cover with water. After getting dried, put the cover back on. After removing the cover, you can use dry cloth to clean the blades. Be careful, do not fold blades. Folding blades can damage the product.
Product features
Simple Nordic design; 7 rotating blades, ultrafast; quiet motor; 3 speed modes; Small and compact, easy to carry; Foldable, easy to clean; Built-in lithium battery, USB 5V power supply
Needing attention
1. Read this manual carefully prior to using the product and save it for future reference. 2.Do not use it in a humid environment(like bathroom). Do not contact with water to avoid damage. 3. If it contacts with water or other liquids, please turn off immediately and try to turn on it after getting completely dry. 4. Do not knock or drop it to avoid damage. 5. Do not put it in a place where it is at high temperature or high humidity. Do not expose it to the sun. Do not disassemble, modify or repair it by yourself. 6.Please charge it under specified voltage.7.This product contains built-in lithium battery. Do not throw in the trash can. Please dispose it properly.8.Do not put in fire to avoid explosion.9.Do not touch or use this product with wet hands.10.Please keep out of reach of children. Children should use this product under adult supervision. Do not touch the blades in order to avoid injuries.11.Please use it at room temperature(0~40℃).12.Do not put it on mat, quilt and other flammable objects when charg
Storage method :
Store in a dry and cool place. When not in use for a long time, charge the product once every two months.