Coca Cola Insulation Steel Bottle 850ml

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Coca Cola Insulation Steel Bottle 850ml



1. Suitable temperature: 0°C-100°C. 2. Not for using in a microwave, oven or dishwasher.


Cover: pp, seal circle: silicone, inner container, outer shell, straw: austenitic stainless steel 304

1. Do not use bleacher containing chlorine, freeze the product or store carbonate drink in the bottle. 2. Not for keeping dairy products or infants' food warm for a long term (due to danger of germ generation). 3. Be careful of the temperature of the hot drink in the bottle to avoid being scalded. To get the best use effect, make sure the cover is fully sealed when using the product. Do not carry much hot drink to prevent overflowing liquid from scalding you. When the bottle carries hot drink, keep it away from children. 4. Keep it from dropping to the ground or suffering strong impact so that the heat or cool insulation function may be sustained. 5. This product is not sealed.